With Rebelfone’s Prepaid International SIM Card I Saved a Lot on International Roaming

Monday, May 28, 2012

I bought a prepaid international SIM card from Rebelfone for my trip to France. It was only after using the SIM card that I realized that my decision to choose Rebelfone was right. It saved me lot on international roaming and I am very pleased with the services of the company.

I came to know about the company through internet. While searching for a prepaid international SIM card online, I found that Rebelfone offered the lowest call charges and a lot could be saved on international roaming. Normally when I travel abroad, my phone bills itself create a big hole in my pocket. And so when I read about peoples’ experience with the company on an international SIM card review forum, I couldn’t believe it. Therefore, I bought the prepaid international SIM card from them to see it for myself.

And indeed, all that was written on the international SIM card review forum was true. The network reception was crystal clear and I faced no problems with the SIM card. Rebelfone is not only affordable but also maintains quality services.

Now I plan to give positive feedback about my experience with Rebelfone on its international SIM card review forum.


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